Food Pizzals

 “Food Impressing” or “Embossing” is an entirely new category of advertising. It enables new brand identity, simply by imprinting mere messages and graphics on foods. In addition to the Gourmet Impressions Stamper, inventor and founder Rich Errera has also trademarked a new word to describe his revolutionary and unique product: Pizzal ™. A Pizzal ™ (pronounced Pit-zell), means any impressed or embossed food.


A Pizza Pizzal ™ is a pizza that is impressed or embossed.
A Zucchini Pizzal ™ is a zucchini that is impressed or embossed.
A Breadstick Pizzal ™ is a breadstick that is impressed or embossed.
A Toast Pizzal ™ is bread that is impressed or embossed (before toasting).
A Potato Pizzal ™ is a potato that is impressed or embossed (which, by the way, is a nice alternative to french fries, especially with a side order of your favorite dipping sauce.

Seasonings, spices, oils and food colorings will enhance the impressions. Use food coloring. You can also experiment for best results, using a dry or damp paper towel. Lightly brush into the message crevices using your choice of spice including paprika, sugar, olive oil, ketchup, mustard, tomato sauce, cinnamon, poppy seeds, etc.

Eateries the world over will not only be enhancing the dining experience of their customers, but they will also be provided with a unique and effective means to enhance their own marketing campaigns and attract more business!

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